New logo, new identity, new websites !

Unchanged since the creation of our agency, we are launching our new website, the opportunity to also give new life to our visual identity.

Result of many discussions and 3 months of intense work, our new visual identity and new website adopting color Orange for its invigorating and spicy side. Orange color is often associated with creativity and communication, it conveys optimism and openness. It is also the color of energy and good mood, what work every day with a smile!

Why a new website?

After 26 months of on-line, our website has to bow, all the goals in its online were exceeded, it is now the victim of a major overhaul. The overhaul became necessary for both technical and commercial reasons. At the technical level, our site does not benefit from the latest developments in terms of web development (responsive design, micro data, …). From the commercial point of view, our site no longer reflected our expertise and did not have all of our skills.

Why a new visual identity?

Our visual identity with us since the beginning of the adventure Anthedesign, redesigning the website was an opportunity to ask our visual identity. We soon came to the conclusion that we had the desire to create a new, more in tune with our evolution. It’s done! The logo has evolved also heard the story of its creation will also be the subject of an article on our blog.

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