CMS & Content management

Increase traffic to your site with a web content management effective! Your website is your storefront, updating using a CMS is essential to attract new visitors.

A CMS, what is it? The CMS system is a web content management (Content Management System). This is a software application dedicated to website design to separate content from formatting. It provides simplified means to edit and change this content by logging on to a management console. Why we use CMS? We carry all our sites using CMS (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, Drupal …). A CMS allows to easily update all the pages of your website. You can easily edit your text content, add pictures and create new pages on your website. CMS does not require any knowledge of web development to update your website. After following a few hours of training you will be able to:

  • Login to the admin console of your site,
  • Change the text content of a page or article,
  • Edit an image and add,
  • Insert all types of media on your website
  • Add a page or article,
  • Publish password protected articles,
  • Manage the comments left on your site,
  • Update your CMS,
  • Manage all users and their attributes.

Using a CMS is the most appropriate and effective solution to make your website live independently. The other advantage of CMS is to reduce the cost of developing and updating complex sites.

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